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Learning to go

The current phase on baby Indjamba’s path to potty training is him stepping through the door from inside the main house onto the small brick landing at the home’s entrance, usually pants off but shirt on, and arriving at the bricks’ edges, taking a leak in the sand. His form is perfect. Back straight, head […]

Shake Head

Walk in, shake head to break free from the stares. Start at the furthest point, grab bread. Work my way closer, soap then milk then eggs. Place items on counter. “No plastic please. No. I already have a bag. No plastic. No, you may not keep my change.” Remove items from plastic, transfer to reusable […]

Nkinda Zokutauka (Broken Cup)

I didn’t know it had become part of the clutter. Another item amongst the heap of junk and chaos that became the surface of my coffee table. Distracted, I carelessly swiped at the miscellaneous objects with my already full hands. I didn’t see it fall. But it is rare that one bears witness to the […]


Two men sat at a table outside of a restaurant on a mild fall afternoon. A server approached them, and the older of the two, a healthy looking man approaching fifty, politely ordered an espresso. The younger man, a fairly athletic looking thirty year old, ordered a glass of red wine noticeably inspecting the attractive […]


It’s my understanding that the future isThe action of the present becoming the past,And yesterday is gone and tomorrow won’t last.And if one is worried about the futureThey should live for today,Since there’s no telling whether or notThey’ll piss tomorrow away.

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