Living in a manner that resonates with your truest self and respecting that in others. Reflecting often to unlearn life lessons founded in hatred and dishonesty. Avoiding extremism in all forms and recognizing when the power hungry would use their perverted interpretations of specific lifestyles and social movements to incite violence against an oppressed people. Understanding when one’s personal actions served to secure the status quo for the oppressor, making amends for those choices, and realigning oneself with principles that dignify and respect all life on earth.


Giving in to hate and committing actions inspired by it. Overcoming fear with violence rather than compassion and understanding. Judging others from a distance and through a dirty lens. Never reflecting. Being dishonest. Mistreating others to avoid the discomfort of becoming a better person. Letting the opinions of others cause you to do do harm. Shooting bullets into crowds of brave people.

-Andy M.

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