Shake Head

Walk in, shake head to break free from the stares.

Start at the furthest point, grab bread. Work my way closer, soap then milk then eggs. Place items on counter. “No plastic please. No. I already have a bag. No plastic. No, you may not keep my change.” Remove items from plastic, transfer to reusable bag. Make way to the exit, have bag inspected. Shake head to let go of the anger.

Catch glimpse of a table under a shady tree, accept invitation. Inhale deeply as the breeze crosses my body. Listen to the sounds of trash, agitated by the wind, stirring at my feet. Orange Fanta, can of pilchards, plastic bags, beer bottles, bottle caps, bag of chips. Look across the street at two blue and white trash cans. Shake head to remove the clutter.

Ignore people sitting at the next table too drunk to care that I know they’re speaking about me. Look at my watch. It’s early. Shake head to stop the judgement.

Notice woman sleeping on the ground nearby while the toddler next to her, in a pretty pink dress, puts an empty beer bottle to her mouth. I hope it’s her mother’s; don’t I? Shake head to organize my sadness.

Look another direction to a fenced in yet vacant space. No animals, vegetables, or building. A vision not yet seen. The wind pushes more trash against the fence. The trash crawls higher up the barrier, a patient occupation. Imagine a cleanup campaign, start to organize it. Shake head to forget the thought.

Look inward, say silently, “get over yourself you self righteous prick.” Smile. Stand up. Walk home. Shake head to shed the negativity.

4 responses to “Shake Head”

  1. One of my favorites you have done so far. Lovely poetry and rhythm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Means a lot coming from you.


  2. Love this one, too. Beautifully worded.

    I’m trying to breath through a colleague’s refusal to shut down a computer overnight, over weekends, to save electricity. It takes several minutes to bring it back up on Monday morning, so let’s just leave it running…


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I really appreciate the way you follow my blog and leave comments.

      To your other point…but we’re talking about several MINUTES here. Who has that kind of time.


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