Andy’s Journal Entries

8 October 2022

A reflection on masculinity–video journal entry. (Notes: If it sounds like I said 50lb axe, know that I meant 15. I don’t know the exact weight, but it’s not 50 haha. Also, you can split logs down the center if you find a nice crack to aim for and depending on other factors. But the […]

7 October 2022

While running this afternoon, I saw a man, probably in his early seventies, walking in his yard. He had some obvious mobility limitations and, truth be told, had quite a large belly. He was carrying a plant in a hanging basket to the most sunlit part of his yard, and I thought, how beautiful. If […]

12 September 2022

Most people are more concerned with their activities than they are with their actions. But any individual activity we partake in is meaningless; whereas the actions we take can change everything.

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