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Yoga For Recovery: A Practical Guide Healing

I worked on this book with Mike Huggins, founder of Transformation Yoga Project. This book is intended to provide an accessible yoga and meditation practice for people who want to incorporate them into their addiction recovery plan.

I entered a contest online to be published in a flash fiction anthology – The Faces of the Crying Girl. I had fun writing in a new genre and exploring darker themes. If you’re interested in the back story I, and 12 other authors, came up with about a girl crying at a metal concert before heads start literally exploding, then check this one out.


The below was originally posted for a Yoga studio’s website. That studio is no longer open, but the original article is preserved as a post on my blog

The WC Press: Overcoming Obstacles. This was published in March 2015 in a local publication that covers all things West Chester, PA–its residents, arts, business, etc. This particular month was on fitness, andI showcased a local ninja warrior style gym called iCore Fitness.

On the Varying Meaning of “Open and Affirming” by Christopher P. Scheitle, Stephen M. Merino, and Andrew Moore. I was primarily a research assistant on this one, but I do have an author credit here. It was published in the Journal of Homosexuality.




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