Nkinda Zokutauka (Broken Cup)

I didn’t know it had become part of the clutter. Just another item amongst the heap of junk and chaos that became the surface of my coffee table. Distracted, carless, and lazily I used what was in my hands to shove that junk to the side. I didn’t even see it fall, but I suppose… Continue reading Nkinda Zokutauka (Broken Cup)

The Peace Corps Roller Coaster

I've been in my village for a couple weeks now and have had some successes already. People here were very interested in getting a community garden up and running again. Another village resident and I went around looking for committed people, held a couple of meetings, and started clearing the land and repairing the fence this… Continue reading The Peace Corps Roller Coaster

Sacrifice, Hard Work, and Struggle

Hard Work. Sacrifice. Journey. Self-discovery. Struggle. Accomplishment. Meaning. Blah blah freaking blah, right? These are a few of the many words that pop up in conversation, or in my head, when it comes to this whole Peace Corps experience. It's so early in my service, but I'm finding myself reflecting on concepts like work, sacrifice,… Continue reading Sacrifice, Hard Work, and Struggle