A Personal Look at Inequality and Higher Education

When I first started to write this post, I intended to approach it academically by defining wealth and income and highlighting the differences between the two. Then, I was going to provide data on the increasing cost of college and a declining median income. Ultimately, the point would have been that increasing college costs are… Continue reading  A Personal Look at Inequality and Higher Education

5 Tips to Caring About Politics

Let’s be honest. There are just too many issues out there to be passionate about all of them. The political news coverage can be outright overwhelming, causing us to want to retract from it all; making it seem like we don’t give a shit about any of today’s pertinent political issues. The finger pointing and… Continue reading 5 Tips to Caring About Politics

Yoga: A Practice For Life

When I was in my twenties I remember people, mostly men, saying things like “wait until you turn thirty,” usually referring to a change in the severity of one’s hangovers, injuries, or gaining weight. “Things start changing when you turn thirty,” they would say. And now that I am thirty-two I can say that they… Continue reading Yoga: A Practice For Life

Writing Realizations From a Rookie

Snow was falling steadily, accumulating quickly. Two icicles replaced the windshield wipers. They oscillated but did little more than make noise. The trip to the used bookstore was unsuccessful. Given the weather, I guess I should have called first. No matter. On the drive back, we noticed the Baldwin’s Book Barn was open. I had… Continue reading Writing Realizations From a Rookie