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A Pride Post of Sorts by Some Straight Dude

This is a bit of a difficult post to write. It’s not difficult to say publicly that I support rights for gay people or that trans folks should be able to serve in the military. I’m quite comfortable discussing the concept of gender as a social construct and pondering how traditional gender norms have slowed […]

Food and Reflections from a Lonely NYE Dinner (2020)

When I struggle to find a way into a topic, I can always count on a good meal to open the door for me. I mean, how can one begin to reflect on all that was 2020 and not struggle to find a succinct way to start even a single thought? Well, for me, the […]

Racism and Me: A Personal Excavation

*****Important note for the reader***** This post has foul language containing racist and homophobic slurs. They are only used for the sake of accurate and honest storytelling as they relate to my personal history. This post could be a step to position me as an ally to the black community. I will do my best, […]

Philadelphia, AIDS, and COVID-19

I watched the movie Philadelphia for the first time last night. Wow. I could watch that opening scene on a loop. Touring the city while Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia hums in the background, body buzzing in the dissonance created by the beauty and hope of one of our nation’s great cities brushing against all […]


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