Food and Reflections from a Lonely NYE Dinner (2020) - When I struggle to find a way into a topic, I can always count on a good meal to open the door for me. I mean, how can one begin to reflect on all that was 2020 and not struggle to find a succinct way to start even a single thought? Well, for me, the… Continue reading Food and Reflections from a Lonely NYE Dinner (2020)
Racism and Me: A Personal Excavation - *****Important note for the reader***** This post has foul language containing racist and homophobic slurs. They are only used for the sake of accurate and honest storytelling as they relate to my personal history. This post could be a step to position me as an ally to the black community. I will do my best,… Continue reading Racism and Me: A Personal Excavation
Philadelphia, AIDS, and COVID-19 - I watched the movie Philadelphia for the first time last night. Wow. I could watch that opening scene on a loop. Touring the city while Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia hums in the background, body buzzing in the dissonance created by the beauty and hope of one of our nation’s great cities brushing against all… Continue reading Philadelphia, AIDS, and COVID-19
I’m Pissed Off And It’s OK - It looks like a few months ago I was going to write a post about anger. Not just about feeling angry, but about its stigma and how this stigma leads to an unhealthy denial of what I think is an extremely important and powerful emotion. But as you can tell from the excerpt below, it… Continue reading I’m Pissed Off And It’s OK
The Paradox of Being White and Woke in America - It was late afternoon on a Tuesday. I was driving south on the pothole-riddled I95 towards Chester, PA. I had been making the drive every Tuesday since early October to participate in a 200-hour yoga teacher training inside the State Correctional Institution there, through a partnership with the Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program. I exited the… Continue reading The Paradox of Being White and Woke in America
Nano: Day 16 - Allow me to refer to our dear Cordalia as Maro from time to time, an affectionately used term meaning little lister. Maro tried to keep to the chores that were near the main room on the homestead so that she would be there when Haingura returned. She started with running a rake over the sand… Continue reading Nano: Day 16
NaNo: Day 13 - Some time had passed since her last visit from the demon. Maybe a week or more. Enough time that she had begun to have faith in her theory that hard work would keep her safe. That as long as she was showing appreciation for her life, she would not be visited by any more demons… Continue reading NaNo: Day 13
NaNo: Day 9 - No sooner had Jason fallen asleep than he was awoken by a hard shaking from his grandmother. Vicky had asked her mother to come to the house and watch the kids while she went to work. The boys had grown accustomed to looking after themselves, but Vicky felt more comfortable having someone there after the… Continue reading NaNo: Day 9
NaNo: Day 7 and 8 - For a while, Cordalia was taken in by her aunt, but it proved too difficult for her. In her niece, she could only see the loss of her sister, the violence of men, and the pain of her own existence. She pleaded with her husband to help her find another home for the child, and… Continue reading NaNo: Day 7 and 8
For Kerthu - When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia, within my first couple of months at site, I became ill. I lost a lot of weight, was having night sweats, and was coughing violently for about a week. People close to me were worried that I might have TB. One night things got so bad I… Continue reading For Kerthu

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